Happy Children’s Day Quotes & Sayings

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Happy Children’s Day Quotes & Sayings

Children Are Like A Wet Cement.
Whatever Falls On Them Makes An Impression.


Happy Children’s Day Quotes & Sayings

Such a treasure your precious child is,
Who will thrive on every hug and kiss.
Hold them close and sing them songs;
they will only be a child for so long.
Happy Children’s Day…..

Happy Children’s Day Quotes & Sayings

Let’s join hands on Universal Children’s Day…
To make this world a safer place for the lil’l ones!

Happy Children’s day

Chachaji ke hum hai Bache Pyaare,
Mata Pita ke hai Raj Dulaare,
Aa Gaya hai Chachaji ka JanamDivas,
Aao Manaye milkar BalDivas !!
Happpy Children’s Day !!

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