grandfather poems poetry

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Grandfather poems poetry

Grandfather poems poetry

I like my Grandpa such a lot, and this is why you see,
We get into spiffin’ the ‘chines, he’s sure glad for me to be.
My Grandpa is just like Grandma, except he wears the pants,
And when he’s digging in the garden, he knows ’bout worms and ants.

My Grandpa doesn’t have to do much, for me to have some fun,
He somehow knows about listenin’….Until every game I’ve won.
My Grandpa can tell stories and sings the cleverest of songs,
He will laugh at the funny jokes and never says I get it wrong.

My Grandpa has a special place, he’s tucked inside my heart,
And I’m snug inside his too, ’cause he’ll do anything I ask.
My Grandpa prays for me, Jesus tells him everything to say,
I think I might stay here with Grandpa… well, maybe every other day.
Thanks Grandpa you’re the bestest friend for me
God could ever make.
grandfather poems poetry

Ggrandfather poems poetry

My Special Joy
A Grandfather Is A Special Blessing
Enriching The Life Of A Grandchild
With Unique And Incomparable Joys.
Grandpa, You Are My Special Joy.
I Get A Warm, Safe, Contented Feeling
When I Think Of You.
With You, I Feel No Pressure To Be
What Someone Else Wants Me To Be;
You Love Me Enough To Let Me Be Me.
You’re Never In A Hurry;
You Always Take Time To Listen And To Help.
You Are Always There For Me When I Need You;
You’re Never Too Busy For Talks, For Walks.
I Can Count On Your Wisdom,
Your Life Experience,
Your Understanding Heart
To Help Me Comprehend And Get Through
Challenges You’ve Already Faced.
You Are Part Parent, Part Teacher,
Part Best Friend.
Your Strength And Your Easy, Calm Confidence
Is Your Legacy To Me,
And I Love You Dearly.
Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa!
By Joanna Fuchs.
grandfather poems poetry

Grandfather poems poetry

My dear grandfather, a wonderful man,
Always believed in me, knew that I can.
Wisdom of life, openly shared,
Comforted me, when I was scared.

My dear grandfather, routinely amaze,
Since I was little, you gladly helped raise.
Countless things, with patience you taught,
You listened to me, whenever I thought.

My dear grandfather, I truly care,
You’ve always been, much more than fair.
I’d like to wish you, only the best,
With the dearest grandfather, I have been blessed.
grandfather poems poetry

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