Children’s Day Poems

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Children’s Day Poems

When they were little, they scribbled –
As for the colors, they didn’t care
Their fists held tight around the crayons;
Circles and lines were everywhere

Through time, their talents surfaced
And true artists they have become…
Shapes and colors now have meaning,
It’s not like when they were one

They have learned to stay within the lines;
To cut and paste and glue
Art of cheerios and macaroni –
A true masterpiece, who knew?

Time and effort glue each piece,
No reason, nor thought of waste
Cautiously, the work evolves;
Little fingers stuck with glitter paste

And for a moment, time stands still
Sweet child creating what we hold dear –
A pure and priceless work of art,
For which we know we will never part.

Children’s Day Poems

Children are a gift from God
And mean so very much
They are here for us to teach them?
Though seems the other way round as such!

They teach us patience
Beyond all doubt
Gentleness but also strict
tempering our personalities right out.

Everything we do, we do it for their future
But have discovered one day at a time enough;
Learning something new each day as is recommended
Good manners and respect for life is tough.

So today of all days we will say to them
You are the future for this world.
So listen, watch and learn and then
Fresh focus and acumen,let YOUR wisdom unfurl.

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